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We are looking for monthly business with EBITDA of 100k+
Will your company be our next success story?
Less like 100k EBITDA? Go to Baw Mentor and we’ll help you get to 100k.

About Baw

5 years of value creation, operational excellence and sustainable growth.
A mix of marketers, finance wizards and people persons.

Only the very best need to apply.

What We Do

Most entrepreneurs lack the WHAT, the HOW and the WHO to SCALE. At Baw, we work with companies looking to grow to €10M and beyond. We help recruit the “who,” work with our partners on the “what,” and show them the “how. When an entrepreneur has all three, the business grows.
With our local market presence and deep knowledge of the online branding industry, we can help brands achieve their growth goals.

Our Investment Society

We buy, grow and sell successful online brands. We search for diamonds in the rough landscape of online brands and provide value to clients with data-based marketing strategies. We know what it takes for value creation, operational excellence and sustainable growth.
Baw Capital is a strategic investor with an exclusive focus on online brands in the Benelux with an Ebitda of over 100k.

Want us to help you explode your profits?

We understand that deciding on a partnership is an important and profound decision, similar to dating before you get married. That’s why we spend time thoroughly understanding your business, gaining in-depth knowledge of your values, your team and your business model. Only then can we truly become partners on the journey to success.

Our approach is flexible. We offer two types of partnerships:

Partial Acquisition: We can acquire a 20-60% stake in your company, becoming a strategic partner bringing in both capital and expertise, while you retain a significant degree of control and decision-making power.

Full Acquisition: In some cases, we choose to take over your entire company. This approach is reserved for unique situations where it matches your strategic vision and meets our investment criteria.

Only the very best belong to Baw

At Baw Capital, we are always looking for intelligent, dedicated individuals who are passionate about shaping the future of businesses. Our team is a diverse and dynamic group committed to growth and success. Whether you are an experienced professional or an ambitious newcomer, we offer unique opportunities to learn, thrive and make a tangible impact. Check out our open positions today and join us to turn visionary business ideas into thriving realities. Start your journey at Baw Capital – where your growth is an investment we value.

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